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Amber IT IP Phone

Amber IT IP Phone App is a popular alternative to your Desk phones or Softphones with dozens of premium features built into the application. It is an excellent mobile dialer App to call your friends or family at affordable cost. App-to-App and App-to-any IPTSP Operator is absolutely free while App-to-any Phone Operator (PSTN/Mobile) costs much lower than your traditional phones. Amber IT IP Phone App will provide you with a unique phone number to make and receive phone calls securely from anywhere, anytime. Simply download, register and enjoy high-quality phone calls, IM, Group Chat, Audio conferences, and more.

IP Phone

Feature of Amber IT IP Phone App:


1. Talk to any number 24 hours by 35 poisa per minute call rate. (15% VAT applicable)

2. Every second pulse.

3. FREE talk to any IP number.

4. No expiry date for account balance.

5. Allows you to share file and make video call, audio call & group chat.

So why delay? Sign up for Amber IT IP Phone App today and enjoy best calling rates of the country.

IP Phone

Download Amber IT IP Phone app today to enjoy the best call rates in the country.

Talk to any local operator for 35 poisa per minute and one second pulse.

FREE calls to IP phone numbers, app-to-app video calls, audio calls, group chats and file sharing.

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Amber IT IP Phone App
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