Mirror "Nature" in an amber art frame

панно флорентийская мозаика натуральный балтийский янтарь роскошь люкс

The author of the work is Lopatkina Zhanna Anatolyevna.

 Certain artistic elements  by

Vadim Lopatkin, these are the inserts "hummingbirds", "butterflies" and "cicada".



The beauty of nature, conveyed by valuable natural materials.


 Fossil resin - amber, which is about 50 ml years old - is a fragile material.

Perhaps in 2000 thousand years the amber in this work will crumble into small pieces and the work will die.

But if amber is not mined and processed, it will remain in the ground and no one will see this unique beauty of the material.

 The beauty of nature gives us endless inspiration and strength

For decoration, exclusively natural Baltic amber of various colors and shades was used, including white, landscape, yellow, transparent, amber with inclusions. The amber has not been dyed, thermally or chemically treated. Also, wishing to emphasize the naturaly of the material, refining of amber from natural inclusions was not performed. The natural properties of the stone are fully preserved.

 Other materials: Gold leaf. Wood. Aluminum. Mirror canvas.


 The amber set itself is made by laying a separate, pre-cut and calibrated amber plate in one plane.


The main technique of work is mosaic. Several types of mosaics used in amber are used here: Florentine and relief.


Florentine mosaic is an imitation of painting by forming a pattern from amber of various natural colors and shades. This technique was known back in ancient Rome, it was called Plate or Piece mosaic (lat.opus sectile), it was made mainly of glass or marble.

  Florentine amber mosaic was developed in Kaliningrad and is of high quality.


 Elements of "hummingbird", "butterflies", "cicada" and "roses" are artistically expressed in the technique of Florentine mosaic. One of the rose petals is made of natural amber crust, which creates the effect of a wilted petal. Under the transparent areas and amber plates, there is gold leaf and gold leaf.

 This technique is similar to the “eglomise” technique. It got its name in the second half of the 18th century in France, but was known in antiquity. For the first time, amber products using the “eglomise” technique were made in our workshop. Other workshops under clear amber use thin plates of brass or acrylic paints.

 The rest of the set around and the side panels are made using the technique of volumetric mosaic on a plane. Plates of different heights relative to the plane allow you to add an unusual effect to the amber smooth surface, obtaining contrasting boundaries by the play of light and shadow, at different lighting angles.

 Each element is carefully selected in color and pattern in amber and each detail is tightly fitted to each other. The mirror, thanks to such a scrupulous fit, is a piece of jewelry.


Against this difficult work of ours, there are several simple and cheap methods of creating mosaics by other masters: 1. Filling pieces of amber with epoxy or acrylic resin. 2. Fill the gaps with grout or mastic with large amber plates without adhering to each other.


Our workshop "Amberstreet" and I personally strive for the quality of jewelry and museum quality of our works.



           Size: 410 x 500 x 30 Year of creation: 2018