Revived mastery

Here's the fragment of amber mosaic taken from the central part of the work "The Bird of Luck."

Here you can very clearly detect all variants of the techniques used in the creation of our work:

- a classic set of individual plates - identical to that in the manufacture of the famous Amber Room.

- the seamless mosaic, smoothly transformed into a mosaic of "Florentine". Which, especially for performance in amber, developed (modified) into own, and first appeared in our amber workshop.

amber mosaic

    It should be noted that all the protruding elements, whether elongated parts of white or transparent amber, as well as the inserts like honey and juicy red (because of natural oxide crust), not pasted over the panel, but placed on the same basis as the others plates. The elevation effect is achieved by the  of their greater thickness of these elements. For more expressive - under the all transparent parts placed polished foil. Usually in yellow or white gold. Other metals and imitation are rapidly destroyed by slowly and continuously released succinic acid, and do not provide durability.

  This is what we call "seamless" assembly technique.

  Amber is very diverse.

Color of transparent and translucent amber - the color "alive amber" - takes all the shades of purple to greenish-yellow. So can be opaque from cream to snow-white. But the main miracle - it is never repeated natural pattern (texture) of amber. Whether it pale, rich - he always harmonious and unique. Amber stones with the same pattern does not exist.

amber mosaic

                                                                      This may be a set of individual stones, the edges are a bit overwhelmed.

Or perform in a rare amber for work - the technique of "Florentine mosaic", as one of the mirror-smooth a painting.

amber mosaic

   We note one unusual feature of most of our products.

  Many have heard of succinic acid, but very few of an amber oil.

This is a very unusual product of the dry distillation of amber.

   Its flavor, once you heard, can never be confused with anything more.

In the concentrated state, it is tough, but in a small - is surprising.

  It's like touching something that was even before the appearance of man on earth.

   Amber oil properties are poorly understood, but there is one that we have long taken for many years in use.

Amber oil was part of the balm, that were saturated Egyptian mummies (!). And it seems not in vain...

Therefore, this amazing substance is used for frame conservation for any of our work.


 And this fragrance transfer not only physical, visual and tactile sensations from Baltic amber,

but also deep aroma truly unique and genuine!